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Appearance on Job Club on ABC

I’ll be taping Job Club with Tory Johnson later today, and I think it is scheduled to run on Wednesday.  This is my first television appearance. We’ll be talking about my essay “Dear John, Thanks for the Layoff” which ran on the Web site last month.

If you are looking for more information about our family, thrifty living or my other projects, this Web site has a link to nearly everything, except for my two blogs, so I’ll post those here below.

Our family/adoption blog is here:, and here you can learn more about our family’s experience with older-child and special needs adoptions. Also, it’s a great place to check in for the latest funnies from the kids, which are always labeled “Oh Dear.” My kids are clever, observant and kind and come up with a lot of these funny little observations.

I started a blog called “Pennywise Family: Laid Off and Loving it”  at This started almost immediately after my layoff (the next week I think) and detailed how we calculated the costs of working, the savings of having a parent at home, the cost-cutting triage that we did initally just in case of financial shortfalls. I also regularly post other’s ideas and recommendations for cost-cutting.

No need to feel like a lurker, jump in the conversation, comment and ask questions, I almost always comment back in a few hours.

**Update: the interview appears here:**

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2 thoughts on “Appearance on Job Club on ABC

  1. admin

    Thanks so much Aaron! I hope you are well. Things are going great! I sure miss my ABC pals but I’m really glad to be doing my own thing right now. I never dreamed I could be self-employed full-time (it’s really scary, but worth doing!)

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